It suggests the right answer

Jatana suggests the best macro for every incoming customer support request

  1. Jatana thoroughly analyses each email to determine the most fitting reply among the many macros available to your agents.
  2. The best results are displayed directly next to the message for your agents to use.
  3. Macros can be edited to deliver more value to the customer or be sent directly if changes are not required.

It answers automatically

Jatana replies to customer’s request without the need for agent intervention


By specifing an automation threshold, you can tell Jatana if the reply should be suggested to the agent or sent directly to the customer.

It tags tickets

Jatana automatically categorises and tags all incoming messages

As soon as a new ticket is created, Jatana uses the knowledge gathered from previous conversations to categorize it and apply all relevant tags.

This saves time to your support team that can be used for more valuable activities such as caring for a premium customer or solve more complex tickets.

It knows who should answer

Jatana automatically forward tickets to the right agent

Avoid spending time in defining who should answer a specific ticket.

Based on historical data, Jatana forwards the ticket to the most relevant agent.

AI-driven Analytics

Analytics are available on Jatana’s dashboard where you can access team, account and automation settings, 
macro usage statistics and AI-driven insights into your own business.