What does the implementation fee cover?

It covers the implementation of all the automations, workflows and analysis needed to create an ad-hoc AI engine for you. It covers custom API creations too.

What if I only want one of Jatana’s features?

Say you only need macro suggestions or ticket tagging, we will only focus on that. It is up to you which processes you want to improve through our IPA engine.

What is the implementation time?

In between 1 and 4 weeks. It very much depends on the implementation required to solve your specific needs.

Is Jatana GDPR compliant?

Yes! As soon as we get access to your data, we anonymise it and delete all the personal information we don’t need. Get in touch with us so we can share our standard agreements.

When I am billed?

We request a yearly commitment, with the fee to be paid upfront.

What is a closed ticket?

It is when Jatana takes a new ticket from New to Closed without any human intervention.

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