What is Jatana?

Jatana is your AI engine. It learns from your historical tickets, it understands them and helps you answer them faster and reliably.

How does it work?

Install the app

Create your account in two minutes,
no credit card required.

Let it train

The robot will study your historical data and be able to automate your customer support.

We take personal data protection very seriously and we developed Jatana with privacy by design principles at its core.

Automate Zendesk Support

The robot is immediately ready to work.

You can configure auto reply, auto tagging, triage and hint options.

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Thanks to Jatana, agents have unlocked time to create campaigns and offer personalized support to our main customers.
After only 3 months, the AI was able to cover more than 50% of the incoming queries. If you are using Zendesk Support, Jatana is a game changer!

Jesper Juul Jensen

CEO of BetterNow

With Jatana in place it's much easier to train up other employees to help with simple support tasks. That makes it easier and more efficient to handle peaks in support.

Klaas Romer

Happiness Members Officer Europe

Let Jatana do your repetitive tasks

Jatana replies to trivial questions without the need for agent intervention.

Specify an automation threshold to decide if a reply should be suggested to an agent or automatically sent to your customers.

Give your agents the right tips

By analyzing all questions and answers of all agents, Jatana suggests the best answer.

The top five most probable suggestions are given to provide a fast and excellent customer service.

Increase the speed of your agents

Jatana performs routine work. It analyzes the incoming issue, add tags and determines the importance of each message.

Redirect tickets between your agents automatically

The bot performs an initial processing of the messages and redirects them to the right agents, depending on the subject.

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