Value Prop-1

Automatic Ticket Reply


Automatic Macro Replies

Jatana replies without the need for agent intervention

By specifying an automation threshold, you can tell Jatana if the reply should be suggested to the agent or sent directly to the customer.

Suggested Macro Replies


Suggested Macro Replies 

Jatana suggests the best macro for each ticket

Jatana thoroughly analyzes each email to determine the most fitting reply among the many macros available to your agents and the best results are displayed directly next to the message for your agents to use.

Automatic Ticket Taggin


Automatic Ticket Tagging

Jatana automatically categorizes and tags all incoming messages

As soon as a new ticket is created, Jatana uses the knowledge gathered from previous conversations to categorize it and apply all relevant tags. On top of that, Jatana is able to assign the right priority level to each ticket so that your team is always aware of what issues should be addressed first.



Automatic Ticket Triage

Jatana automatically forwards tickets to the right agent

Jatana learns from your historic data and redirects each incoming email to the the agent with the highest probability to close the ticket fast.