First, it connects to your help desk

Jatana integrates directly into the most popular customer service and CRM systems like: Zendesk, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Intercom, Freshdesk, and many others. You can even integrate Jatana in your proprietary systems via API.

Then, it trains a custom AI

Jatana creates an AI engine specifically for you and train it on your historic data. This way, Jatana can reach the highest level of accuracy and performance that is required to automate the tickets that are specific to your business.

And…It is ready to go!

After 24-72 hours of training, Jatana is ready to help you save time and important resources while being more productive, effective and personal in your support operations.

What if I don’t have templates yet?

No worries.
Just get in touch with us, we will go through your historical conversations and build the templates for you.

There’s no more reason not to start automating your support operations!