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1. Defining goals

We'll help you identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction:


  • What's slowing your team down?
  • Which processes should you automate from day one?
  • How to deploy AI while retaining the human touch?






2. Training the AI

We'll teach the AI about your customers and what you do to keep them satisfied:


  • What is the customer looking for? Help, support or a simple password reset?
  • Who's the most knowledgeable member of your team?
  • How's the customer feeling when interacting with you? Is he happy, neutral, sad or hangry?











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3. Delighting customers

Intelligent workflows will run in the background, making your team more productive and your customer more satisfied:


  • Customers won't have to wait hours or days for an agent to reply
  • Agents will get case intelligence right next to the support request
  • You'll see an immediate improvement in CSAT and other key metrics

How can I test it?

We have released a demo app on the Zendesk Marketplace that is free to install.

You can try it out HERE

Top rated Zendesk Marketplace

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